About Nalini Custom Bike Shirts

For over 13 years the Red Rose Import Company has provided quality cycling apparel to sports teams, sporting event and even businesses known as Nalini sporting apparel. The entire line is made completely at their factory located in Mantova, Italy. One of their leading products is, of course, their nalini custom bike shirts.

The Construction of the Custom Bike Shirt

As with all the Nalini apparel their bike shirt is created to provide a comfortable fit and free movement which can help to maximize a bikers performance. The shirt is also made to last and can withstand wear and tear. Their shirts also come with short sleeves for warmer weather and long sleeves for colder climates. Which makes it ideal to take on any racing track or course in the world.

Types of Nalini Custom Shirts

Not only does Nalini offer an excellent quality in their bicycle shirts they also offer a wide range of custom bike shirts. They have several different types all of which will meet each cyclist personal needs. These designer customs shirts of part of five different distinctive lines by Nalini. These are their red label, blue label, black label, private label and their triathlon line.

Popularity of Nalini

Over the years Nalini has made a name for itself as being a trusted brand in custom bike shirts. They have become a brand that not just hardcore cyclist rely on but weekend cyclist as well. The brand has also become popular with sports clubs and with Peloton. So, Nalini is a name that many have come to trust and new customers flock to when looking for bicycling apparel. Their reputation speaks for itself as does their reputation.

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